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RM 400.00

Product Description

SOON THYE HANG Abalone In Brine 400gm (˳̩Ʒ400)
EU YAN SANG Finely Selected Fish Maw 60gm (ѡ60) 

SOON THYE HANG Tea Flower Mushroom 90gm (˳̩в軨90)
SOON THYE HANG Snow Fungus 100gm (˳̩йѩ100)
LO HONG KA White Fungus With Bird’s Nest Drink 2 x 100gm (м¶ 2 x 100)
EU YAN SANG Passion Fruit Vinegar 250ml (250)
• Premium Peach Gum 100gm
• Hong Kong Handmade Cheese Abalone Pastries 156gm (԰֥ʿ156)
• Alfredo Assortment Milk Chocolate 180gm
• Mainland Ti Kuan Yin Tea 50gm 

• Mainland Jasmine Tea 50gm
• Mini Fortune Drum
• Exclusive Basket
• Chinese New Year Packaging & Decorative
• Delivery

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