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Product Description

SOON THYE HANG Abalone In Brine 400gm (顺泰行清汤吉品鲍鱼400克)
SOON THYE HANG Tea Flower Mushroom 90gm (顺泰行茶花菇90克)
SOON THYE HANG Australian Abalone Sauce 380gm (顺泰行澳洲鲍鱼汁380克) 

LO HONG KA Baked Fishmaw 55gm (老行家焗鱼鳔55克) 
• Premium Snow Jelly 15gm (特级雪蛤膏15克)
• Premium Japanese Scallop (日本特选干贝)
EU YAN SANG Appetizing Herbal Soup 115gm (余仁生四神靓汤80克)
EU YAN SANG It’s Yen Bird Nest, Chia Seeds & Pandan Leaf 170ml (余仁生奇亚籽班兰燕窝170毫升)
EU YAN SANG It’s Yen Bird Nest, Lemon Grass & Ginseng 170ml (余仁生美国泡参香茅燕窝170毫升) 

• Dollar Coins Wealth Wishes Tree (四季招财金钱树)
• Exclusive Basket
• Chinese New Year Packaging & Decorative
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