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Product Description

• Crystalline Emerald Porcelain Tea Set (珍藏御品冰裂茶具)
• Chinese Yunnan Favourite Red Tea 80gm (精装古树红茶80克)
• High Grade Pu Er Tea Cake (顶级古树普洱茶饼)
• Besfomec American Ginseng Tea 20gm (丰美氏美国花旗参茶20克)
• Premium Jasmine Tea 50gm 
• Carmill Macau Traditional Almond Cake 400gm (香港嘉美乐粒粒杏仁饼400克)
• Premium Harba Taraxaci 65gm (长白山蒲公英茶65克) 

• Exclusive Basket
• Chinese New Year Packaging & Decorative
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